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We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your insurance claim, however we've provided a few of the most commonly asked questions below for your reference. Please also visit the DMV Site for more details.



  • If it is an insurance claim, can I choose who I bring it to? Yes, in nearly all cases the insurer does not deter you from taking your vehicle to the shop of your choice.  They may however have an initial estimate done at their pro-shop or by adjuster for you to then make a decision on you trust for repairs.

  • What if the insurance company does not honor your labor rates? We will be glad to take a look at the overall estimate and except the proposed rates or call the insurance company and discuss any adjustments so that you can be taken care of quickly and efficiently through the process of repairing your vehicle.

  • What happens if you find more damage after repairs begin?  With an insurance claim, we will contact the insurance company with your claim# and file a supplement of which they will revisit and re-write an estimate for the additional damage found or have our team do this for them and have the damages approved.  This will be taken care of during the process of your repairs. 

  • What will happen at pickup for the vehicle? Your insurance company will issue a check either to you – the insured, or a dual party check; both to you the insured and the body shop doing the repairs.  That will be presented as well as your deductible to pay for the repairs of the vehicle.  At that time you can go over repairs and receive your keys and drive away safe and happy!

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